Between 1–10% of muscle tissue is composed of collagen and when you take it as a daily supplement, it can help you build bigger and stronger muscles, according to some studies. A 2015 German study tested men in their seventies that should take collagen for three months, while performing regular resistance training. In the end, these men had grown more muscle mass. Another study by Japanese researchers tested hydroxyprolylglycine (a combination of hydroxyproline and glycine) and found grew larger muscle tissues from this supplementation.

Another amino acid, arginine, also plays a major role in exercise. Some studies concluded that when you take arginine during training, it increases strength and body mass and lowers collagen breakdown. Furthermore, arginine encourages the production of growth hormone that is accountable for muscle growth.

Collagen supplement for muscle regeneration.

The human body consists of 15 to 20 percent different proteins and collagen is one of them. Collagen is found naturally in the body and supply it with the building blocks essential for the development of endogenous proteins, the formation of muscle tissue and the renewal of cells. It can be a perfect ingredient in modern sports nutrition.
A clinical study showed that collagen peptides can help increase lean body mass, muscle strength as well as sensory motor control.

Collagen offers a high nitrogen content compared with whey (on a per g basis). This is because of collagen’s high proportion of amino acids that have a low molecular weight or contain more than one nitrogen atom. Clinical studies have demonstrated that collagen peptides are efficient in maintaining the user’s nitrogen balance and in promoting muscle mass and strength.

Protein loss occurs in muscles due to oxidation after long periods of exercise. Collagen is a pure, concentrated source of high-quality natural protein, can enhance and assist in muscle mass regeneration and optimization after exercise. Collagen peptides can also help to build muscle in the body and have a regenerating effect on the articular cartilage. Additionally, collagen peptides can facilitate weight control since it makes feel fuller for a longer time and reduces appetite. When you eat fewer calories, you can add fewer pounds to your body. Since it is easily dissolved in liquids is tasteless and has no side effects, you can add to any beverage before or after your exercise routine.

Finally, collagen can also show some benefits on sleeping patterns. According to some research, people who took collagen described better quality sleep and as you probably know, it will keep you well rested and your muscles will get the recovery they need.

In summary, collagen is an essential nutritional supplement for an optimum recovery during and after long periods of exercise.