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Best Tips How to Sleep with Si Joint Pain!

The punctual and sharply stabbing pain just above the buttocks, right next to the spine, is probably known by everyone. What the vernacular calls the “sciatic nerve” is actually called the sacroiliac joint. The intense pain is caused by a blockage and gets worse and worse if there is no treatment and no medication. Where does this pain come from, how to sleep with SI joint pain in pregnancy, and what are the options for SI joint pain relief?

Where is the sacroiliac joint located?

The SI joint is located in the lower part of the back at the end of the lumbar spine. Directly adjacent to it are the two iliac scoops and the sacrum. Both sacroiliac joints are located to the right and left of the spine. There, where the sacrum is adjacent to the pelvic blades. It thus symbolizes a connection between the spine and the pelvis. Normally, the SI joint is stabilized by ligaments and muscles. This prevents it from moving arbitrarily in the body. Although it is called a “joint”, the SI joint is almost unable to move at all. SI joint pain relief stretches are the easiest way to relieve pain, because it’s mostly caused by muscle and ligament pain.


Typical pain is located directly above the buttocks and, depending on its intensity, may even radiate to the knee. Less frequently, pain occurs in the groin area, in the lateral pelvic area, or in the hip. How to sleep with SI joint pain will be the most urgent question when dealing with this condition.

What causes SI joint pain?


If the SI joint is incorrectly loaded for years, unnatural wear and tear of the joint cartilage will occur, leading to arthrosis. Also in connection with the aging process, faster wear of joints and joint cartilage can occur. Incorrect nutrition and, above all, the lack of collagen in the food supply also promotes the premature degradation of joint cartilage.

Ankylosing spondylitis

This is an inflammatory form of arthritis that occurs in the vertebrae and joints of the spine. The pain it causes is often a sign of unnaturally stimulated bone growth, in which the joints in the spine grow together. SI joint pain relief can only come from right medication.


Due to the hormonal change, there is an increased release of Relaxin during pregnancy. The hormone is naturally intended to stimulate the pelvis to stretch and thus prepare for birth. This also makes the SI joints more elastic. As a result, the joints become less stable and move, although they should not. As a result, severe pain in the back occurs during pregnancy, which increases during the course of the pregnancy. SI joint pain relief will come from the right mattress. Furthermore you should read more about how to sleep with SI joint pain in pregnancy.

Wrong posture, overstretching, and walking

An uneven or crooked gait can cause SI joint dysfunction. It does not matter whether the foot position is incorrect, the knees bend inwards or outwards or one limps slightly. Above all, an incorrect posture is quickly the cause of serious SI joint pain. Frequently, SI joint pain also occurs after overstretching the ligaments and muscles there. Remember to do your SI joint pain relief stretches on a daily basis.

how to sleep with si joint pain bad sleep

How to sleep with SI joint pain?

Especially when suffering from pain, it is often very difficult to find a comfortable position in which one can actually sleep. For the moment, the most important thing is to find a position for sleeping where you feel the least pain. In general, however, you should try to support the natural position and posture of your spine when you sleep.

Creating the best conditions

The most important thing for all back problems is the correct mattress. The new memory-foam-mattresses are also well suited for pain relief in the SI joints. Unfortunately, they are not suitable for everyone. Therefore, let a specialist advise you when buying the mattress that is best for you and discuss in detail how to sleep with SI joint pain. Special stores have a technology that allows them to examine the position of your back and the arrangement of vertebrae, joints, and bones with the help of a device while you are lying on the mattress.

Also, get pillows for further stabilization. Here the saying goes: less is more. Pillows that are too high overstretch the lumbar spine. Therefore, you should rather use thin pillows.

How to sleep with SI joint pain on your back

Most doctors advocate a supine position while sleeping off. It is generally considered to be a back-friendly option. The spine can remain in its natural position and take a slight downward curve. This means that there is no additional or further strain on the intervertebral discs.

Also, you should only sleep on a flat pillow, so that the cervical spine is not overstretched. Another pillow under the lumbar spine or even under the knees can help if you should have a hollow back in this position.

On the side

Even though physicians recommend the supine position, most people tend to sleep on their side. Even though it is perceived as a comfortable position, without proper stabilization there is a risk that the spine will bend to the side. This keeps it in a crooked position and results in uneven loading.

If you can still fall asleep only on your side, you should always place a pillow between your knees. This will prevent the knee joints and the pelvis from buckling in one direction. There are also special side sleeper pillows that can help to keep the spine as straight as possible while lying on your side.

How to sleep with SI joint pain in prone position

In the case of pain in the SI joint, it is relatively unfavorable to sleep in a prone position. This usually results in a rather strong hollow back, which will make the pain even worse over time. In addition, the cervical spine is overstretched. So try to get used to the back or side position with a little practice. Especially pregnant ladies should sleep in this position.

SI joint pain relief during the day?

The right diet works wonders. With the additional intake of collagen, the main component of tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints, it is possible to protect the SI joint from premature age-related deterioration. The protein can be taken in the form of Collamin, a 100% pure collagen powder. It is water-soluble and heat resistant and can be easily mixed with all kinds of food.

Also, sufficient SI joint pain relief stretches during exercise, sufficient sports, and slow and controlled movements prevent future SI joint pain. For this, ask your physiotherapist for advice on which exercises you can include in your daily training plan. In addition to our tips, expecting women should discuss with their doctor how to sleep with SI joint pain in pregnancy. Enough rest is very important.

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