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Why Collagen Recipes Help to Boost Your Health

Mirror, mirror on the wall … Who is the most beautiful in the country? And how can collagen powder recipes help to become so? This structural protein is often associated with skin, hair, and nails. After all, it is an important component of connective tissue and gives it shape and elasticity.

Collagen is a natural protein that is produced by the synthesis in the body itself. This process works perfectly when we are young, but from the tender age of 25, collagen production in the human body decreases significantly. Therefore it is even more important to supply the protein with collagen recipes from outside the body on a daily basis.

What is collagen?

Proteins are amino acids. Collagen also consists of these same protein compounds. In total, there are 28 different types of collagen in our body, which can be found in every single cell. However, there are significant differences in what this protein is used in the body. The most common type of collagen is found in the skin in the internal organs and tendons. 90% of the body’s own collagen is needed for the connective tissue, muscles, and skin.

The protein also plays an important role in the joints, as 50% of the cartilage mass consists of collagen. Therefore, wear and tear often appears in old age, as the body can no longer produce enough collagen on its own to maintain the synovial fluid in the joints. The daily intake of collagen with our collagen recipes can help, to reboot your body.

How can you benefit from taking collagen?

With skin and hair

The decrease in collagen production is noticeable in the dryness and wrinkling of the skin. Creams can help here in the short term, as they only penetrate the upper layers of the skin. However, collagen is needed in the deeper skin layers, which are responsible for the elasticity and tightness of the skin. Therefore, collagen must be administered orally so that the product can reach precisely these skin layers and rebalance wrinkles and dryness. Studies have shown that a daily amount of 2.5 to 5g over a minimum period of eight weeks significantly improves skin elasticity and reduces dryness.

Collagen recipes for muscle building

This news will interest athletes because it has been proven that collagen makes muscles grow faster. Muscles are made up of different types of proteins, including collagen. Depending on age, body type, and sex, muscle consists of 1-10% of this valuable substance. In studies, an additional 15 grams of collagen was added to the diet every day. Over a period of 12 weeks, the test group gained significantly more muscle mass and strength than the control group.

Preservation of bones and joints

Especially bones and joints benefit from the additional intake of a collagen product. Both articular cartilage and the bones themselves consist largely of collagen. As the body’s own production decreases, both become thinner and more porous. Osteoporosis and joint atrophy are the results. In various studies, athletes have been asked to additionally take pure collagen. At the end of the test period, a significant increase in bone density was observed. The cartilage between the joints was also significantly thicker and more elastic, thus reducing joint pain in the test subjects.

collagen recipes collagen powder

What is Collamin?

Collagen powder recipes can help, to stimulate the rebuilding of joints, muscles and the skin.

Collamin is a hydrolyzed collagen peptide, which consists of 95% pure protein. It is a dietary supplement designed to replenish the body’s collagen stores and stimulate natural production. The protein consists of 100% pure collagen, which was obtained under strict conditions in Switzerland. Collamin is sodium-free and contains no artificial sugars or sweeteners. It is also free of fats and gluten. The collagen powder also an excellent source for people who suffer from shellfish allergies.

How can collagen recipes be used?

Many health-conscious people no longer want to do without the daily intake of collagen powder. They don’t have to, because the tasteless collagen can be added to almost any food. It gives drinks and soup a particular creamy consistency.

Our Collamin powder can also be used for cooking or baking. Unlike many other proteins, collagen is heat resistant up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. The protein consists of a particularly high number of amino acid compounds and is, therefore, more stable.

Our wide range of Collamin

In our store, you will find different kinds of food supplements. Some of them are mixed with different vitamins and minerals, which additionally support your health and metabolism. All of them are perfect to use them in delicious collagen recipes. We especially recommend the preparations containing vitamin C, folic acid, biotin, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium.

The different products contain different types of collagen so that you can take exactly the preparation that helps your health. Each of our products can be used to mix healthy smoothies, bake delicious waffles or cakes, create dips and sauces and thicken sauces and stews. A small amount is already sufficient for this. With the enclosed measuring spoon you can quickly and easily refine your favorite collagen recipes!

In addition to the tasteless powder, we also offer other products in different flavors that will give your recipes that extra kick!

The intake of Collamin

The question is not when to take it, but rather of taking it regularly so that the body always has a sufficient amount of the valuable protein at its disposal. You can therefore take several small doses of Collamin throughout the day or stick to a permanent time of day. Athletes are recommended to take an additional dose shortly before or after training.

Dissolve the liquid in a full glass of water and stir occasionally if you do not drink the whole glass of water at once. Collamin can be consumed at any time of the day. It is not necessary to combine intake with food, but it definitely tastes better. That’s why you should try out our collagen powder recipes!

How long does it take before you see the first results?

Depending on what you want to achieve by taking Collamin, it will take several weeks before you see the first results. Positive changes in the skin are visible externally after only about 12 weeks of taking the product. Those who take Collamin for muscle building or against joint pain have to be patient a little longer. Because here the body needs larger amounts of collagen, which must be supplied over a longer time. After about 24 weeks, however, muscle mass and joint cartilage should also have improved significantly to the benefit of the body.

Please keep in mind that the intake of Collamin must continue to be guaranteed even with visible success to maintain these in the long term! You find a large variety of collagen recipes on our website!

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