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Collagen for Hair: Why You Should Try It!

Everyone wants to have strong and healthy hair. It is part of the beauty ideals to which both women and men aspire. Advertising promises to turn dry, dull hair that has been damaged by styling into a wonderfully shiny mane. These are high claims. In fact, most products only help to a limited extent. Because, as with so many other things, true beauty comes from within. Instead of having a plethora of products in the cosmetics cabinet, the right nutrition helps. Collagen for hair is essential.

Why is collagen good for hair?

In order to answer this question, we must first clarify how the hair is structured.

What is the hair made of?

95% of our hair consists of the protein keratin. This protein has a highly complex structure and is formed by connections with other amino acids. Because it is stored in different layers on top of each other, the hair is formed. A particularly smooth surface of the hair, i.e. a good, elastic and correct arrangement of keratin, makes the hair particularly shiny.

In the hair root, so-called keratinocytes are formed, which are mixed with the colorant melanin. Thus, our hair gets structure and color.

The hair, which has grown out of the hair follicle and is visible on the head, is dead from a medical and biological point of view. It consists of dead cells, which are enriched with keratin. Nevertheless, it is possible that the hair can still be cared for and the structure can be improved even in this condition.

Why are collagen peptides good for hair?

Even if the majority of keratin is present in the hair, the collagen is essential for beautiful hair. The amino acid is needed in many ways in hair growth and in improving the hair structure.

Collagen peptides for hair roots

Still in the hair follicle itself, collagen as an essential amino acid carries the production of keratin in the keratinocytes. It also stimulates the production of the color pigment melanin. Collagen thus ensures that thick and strong hair can grow in the first place. It is also the main reason why hair color does not gray prematurely. Sufficient collagen helps in the production of melanin, which gives your hair the beautiful color.

Collagen also acts as an antioxidant, and helps to intercept free radicals in the cells. These free radicals often cause hair breakage by interfering with the production of keratin and thus weakening the hair structure. Free radicals are also known to prevent the formation of the color pigment melanin. So collagen helps twice to prevent gray hair.

Collagen for hair care

Collagen for hair

In the hair itself, the protein is used in conjunction with keratin. Because collagen is part of the cell structure, it is extremely important. Collagen also stimulates the cells to store more water. This makes the hair less brittle, but soft and smooth.

Since collagen is also a structure-giving protein, it can easily prevent the hair from thinning. Thanks to collagen, the different layers of keratin from the hair can adhere to each other better and do not become thinner with hairstyling and growth.

In addition, an optimal supply of collagen ensures that the cuticle layer of the hair continues to close even after hairstyles. Thus, collagen helps to maintain the natural radiance of the hair’s color.

How can collagen benefits for hair be used?

The easiest and most effective way is to eat enough collagen with your diet every day. Due to the body’s bio-protein synthesis, the amino acid can be produced to a certain degree in the body itself. However, by the age of 25, the effectiveness of protein biosynthesis decreases and the body produces less and less collagen.

Since this protein is one of the most important amino acids that our body needs every day, it is also used to repair other things in our body. Although hair is of great value to us personally, the body uses collagen when it is deficient first in the connective tissue, bones, muscles, skin and nails. Therefore, we notice a lack of collagen first in sleeping, weak and brittle hair.

Many collagen benefits for hair

In order to prevent this development, it is recommended that collagen is increasingly absorbed through food. The collagen peptide from Collamin is particularly suitable here. The 100% pure collagen powder, produced under strict safety conditions in Switzerland, can help with its collagen for hair and to make it look stronger again. Because it works exactly where it is needed – in the hair root.

If the body has enough collagen, the hair can already grow healthy and strong in the follicle. It is also possible that you notice that the hair color becomes stronger again after a slight graying. This effect is related to the invigorating properties of collagen, which stimulate the production of the colorant melanin.

Collagen for hair – just eat it!

The collagen powder of Collamin is tasteless, free of sugar, fat and gluten and can be used for cooking and baking. It is also very easily soluble in water and can therefore be mixed into coffee or smoothies. The dosage is according to personal taste. However, we recommend that you take more than you think you might need. As we have stated, the body needs collagen in many organs, joints and muscles. To ensure that the collagen also reaches the follicle, you should consume enough. Don’t worry: collagen has only positive properties and the benefits cannot be compromised by overdosing.

In products -the benefits of collagen for hair

Collagen, which is also found in hair products, naturally only helps to temporarily improve thin hair until strong and new and healthy hair has grown from the hair root.

In shampoo

When using shampoos which contain collagen it should be massaged well into the scalp. At least superficially, the collagen can also be absorbed into the skin and partly support the hair root in its production from there.

In conditioner

Conditioner with collagen should be left on for at least one minute. This allows the collagen to draw into the hair, connect the keratin structure, and make the hair smoother again. Thus, collagen protects against hair breakage.

In hair spray and product for heat treatment

Since the hair structure is heavily stressed when straightening or curling, collagen is especially good when it is contained in styling spray. Spray the hair sufficiently before using heat treatment. This way, the collagen peptides for the hair can prevent hair breakage and also prevent it from drying out too much.

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