Since athletes are more likely to suffer from joints injuries, they should take early measures to prevent any future damage. Collagen peptides make a big difference in athletes. Studies have shown that athletes who suffered from joint pain as a result of their intense physical activity reported an improvement in their pain,  after taking 10g […]

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The human body is made up of 15 to 20 percent different proteins and collagen is one of them.  Proteins such as collagen peptides supply the body with the building blocks essential for the development of endogenous proteins, the formation of muscle tissue and the renewal of cells. In sports nutrition, the addition of collagen […]

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Recovery is a crucial part of sports nutrition. During long periods of exercise, oxidation causes protein loss in the muscle. Providing your body with sufficient amino acids can ensure optimum muscle regeneration. COLLAMIN Collagen Peptides which consist of 20% glycine and 8% arginine, can support the creatine synthesis, in the body thus, improving performance during  exercise. […]

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